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Law and Government
Google Scholar
law reviews, all cases-all jurisdictions

California Law and Government
Legislature, Governor, Courts:
Codes, Regulations, Orders, California Reports, California Appellate Reports

  United States Federal
Law and Government

Congress, President, Courts: US Code, Federal Register, CFR, Executive Orders, US Supreme Court/Appellate Court Opinions, Court Information. Government Documents/Archives

Other Jurisdictions

        All States' Codes and Cases,

        Federal/Tribal Indian Law, Treaties, Research Guides

        Indigenous Law

        International Law

Fact Research
Deep web search, advanced search engines, people finders, background research, science databases, calculators, medical information


~        Cornell Legal Information Institute

~        WashLaw Legal Research on the Web

~        Findlaw for Legal Professionals

~        United States Congress

~        Law Review Commons


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