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-- your professional colleagues

For unparalleled collegial opportunity, we welcome all legal professionals -- public service, corporate, house counsel, and private attorneys; judges; paralegals; legal secretaries; law office staff; and law librarians --- as well as law students and attorney service providers.

Our special annual update "court practice" MCLE programs feature Criminal Practice, Probate, Family Law, and Civil Litigation.

Our ABA Approved, California Certified Attorney Information and Referral Service builds your practice and helps clients find the right lawyer for their needs. Attorneys: submit your application.

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SBCBA membership is open to all legal professionals and providers of attorney-support products & services.
Attorney members of SBCBA-- as "officers of the court"-- may be issued a photographic identification card.

As a convenience to the Courts of San Bernardino County, the SBCBA Card may be used by Attorneys to facilitate entry through the Security Systems of the County's Courthouses.

To receive your card, please:

Upload a Digital Photo with your application
(at the bottom of the form)


Deliver a passport size COLOR photograph to the SBCBA Offices at 555 North Arrowhead, San Bernardino, CA 92401


B. Email a digital photograph to claire@sbcba.org with your name, address, phone number, State Bar Number.


C. If you do not have a suitable photo, please stop by the office for a photo shoot.

The card will be prepared for you while you wait or mailed out within two business days.

Cards must be renewed annually on or before the date that your SBCBA Membership expires.