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Reviving the John Lewis King Memorial Scholarship Fund

On June 14, 1968, the John Lewis King Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Hollis G. Hartley, Russell Goodwin, Waldo Willhof, Stanley Mussell, Jr., and Florentino Garza, to honor the memory of San Bernardino attorney John Lewis King (who is profiled in an article in this issue). We are very grateful to Bruce Varner, who did most of the incorporation legal work. This nonprofit organization is the instrument by which needy and worthy law students from the Inland Empire receive scholarship grants on an annual basis. It has awarded 94 scholarships (listed below) from its inception to 2007. Several students received two scholarships, over a two year period.

Each spring, a news release is sent to selected law schools in the State of California. The newsletter provides very simple rules for application. The Board of Directors usually selects the recipients from among the applicants by June of that year. The amount of the scholarship grants have varied from time to time; from $1,500.00 to $4,000.00 per grant.

The John Lewis King Scholarship Fund has recently been reactivated with a new board of directors, and will be awarding scholarships this year.
The new Board of Directors include longtime board members Thomas B. Ritchie, Hon. Craig S. Kamansky, Robert L. Vines, Gary W. Smith, and Hon. Jeffrey King; and new board members including Justin King, William Shapiro, Michael Scafiddi and John Zitny.

The San Bernardino County Bar Association has been most supportive of the work conducted by the John Lewis King Scholarship Fund. The scholarship(s) will be awarded at the San Bernardino County Bar Association's Installation Dinner in October.

(The above is from an article by Florentino Garza, who served as chair of the scholarship fund from its beginning until 2008.)